Community Stewardship at the Trusted IoT Alliance

I’m proud to become the first Chief Community Officer of the Trusted IoT Alliance (TIOTA), the industry consortium of more than 50 leaders in building trusted IoT systems and making blockchain real.

We rely on distributed ledger technologies grounded in secure enclaves and IoT anchors to define the identity of billions of IoT devices and connect them via blockchain platforms to secure and validate the record of the events transpiring across all of them. We are building a new world where infrastructure is digitized, managed, and supported with new kinds of services built on top of the connected and trusted IoT networks.

I’ve been involved with TIOTA since the initial Berkeley Hills meeting of 2016 and then put together the AI panel for Bosch Connected World in 2017 (where the banner photo was taken). Community Stewardship is my calling — I made it my life work running meetups and conferences By the Bay from 2011, founding and organizing,,,,,, and, among other communities of software developers, data scientists, and technology leaders. You can find my ideas on my personal Medium publication,

I built the first Enterprise Blockchain Engineering conference,, in 2018, that prominently featured Blockchain+IoT foundations across sectors such as energy and edge computing. You can read my summary of this foundational relationship at

My goal for 2019 will be to run two global Design Challenges:

— E-Mobility: enable an electric car run a Grand Tour of Europe, finding charging stations on the way and paying for charging seamlessly, using blockchain technologies. The problem is akin to the GSM network that connected Europe not only through voice but through payment systems as well.

— Track and Ship: using hardware identity sensors, ship a container through a series of Logistical Service Providers (LSPs) sharing the commercial, regulatory and insurance data across the steps on a need to know basis, ensured via blockchain sharing and cryptography.

I plan to work with the members of the Alliance and the general public to solicit strong submissions to the Challenges and award the E-Mobility Prize in June 2019 at Rethink Trust Europe (possibly in Berlin).

The Track and Ship Prize will then be awarded in December. The order and the process of the Challenges is in the works and subject to change.

I will also facilitate the TIOTA Technology White Paper, based on the already adopted Reference Architecture, to serve as a foundation of the Technology Group. It will be a joint work based on the White Papers of the Alliance Members.

I would love to welcome the new members of the TIOTA and lift all the boats globally. Please contact me ( to participate in the Challenges and become the members of the Alliance.